Michelle “Chelle Put-a-Welt-On” Welton

Director at Large
Michelle Welton, she/her, (Chelle Put-A-Welton) has been a member and skater with the Rose City Rollers since 2011. In addition to holding numerous board positions, Chelle has skated with the Wreckers & Breakneck Betties, coached Wreckers & Juniors Undead Avengers, and volunteered in numerous capacities. Chelle additionally coaches Avalanche City Roller Derby in SE British Columbia remotely and in person for games. Outside of Rose City, Chelle has spent her career in the nonprofit sector in organizations from camps & retreat centers, refugee & immigrant programs, to a variety of other social services. Currently, Chelle is the Executive Director at Grow Portland, an organization dedicated to supporting schools through garden stewardship and equitable environmental education. Chelle is a passionate urban gardener, volunteer, nature-lover, and prides herself on being the world’s greatest aunt.