Doesn't Matt-er

#359 (HE/HIM)

Officiating since: July 2015
Joined Rose City: July 2015
WFTDA Level 3 Certified Skating Official
WFTDA Level 1 Certified Non-Skating Official
Game History: Link
Career Highlights:
2023 MRDA Western Hemisphere Cup, Cleveland, OH (OPR)
2023 JRDA Champs (THR)
2022 JRDA Champs (CHR)
2022 JRDA Playoffs Female Div, Denver, CO (CHR, IPR, OPR)
2022 JRDA Playoffs Open Div, Salt Lake City, UT (THR, JT)
2019 WFTDA Champs Montréal, QC (OPR)
2019 MRDA Champs (OPR)
2019 WFTDA D1 Playoffs, Winston-Salem, OR (JR)
2019 MRDA NAQ Playoffs (CHR)
2019 WFTDA Cont. Cup, Orem, UT (CHR)
2019 JRDA Champs (CHR)
2018 MRDA Champs (JR)
2018 WFTDA Cont. Cup, Omaha, NE (JR)
2018 MRDA NAQ Playoffs (OPR)
2018 JRDA Champs (JR)
2017 MRDA NAQ Playoffs (OPR)
Other Officiating Roles:
WFTDA Officials Advocate (Membership)
      January 2019 to Present
WFTDA TOSP Officials Representative
      February 2019 to Present
Rose City Officiating Committee
      November 2016 to November 2017