Eve Anne Hellical

#316 Skater

Eve Anne Hellical

#316 Captain


What do you do when you’re not at the hangar?
Drive there

What is the story behind your derby name and number?
My name is a play on the word evangelical and my number is from John 3:16, which is the favorite bible verse to write on signs at sporting events. Unfortunately no one in roller derby seems to get the connection, I guess because they don’t watch mainstream sports?

How long have you been skating?
7 years

What position do you play? What do you enjoy the most about your position?
I’m a jammer. I think I like it because it’s hard. Also you get to do more tricks.

Who is one of your favorite teammates to train with and why?
I like practicing with Zip Drive because we are both thinking jammers so we talk about strategy and technique all day. But I love practicing with everyone in the jamily.