Freddie HerFury

#70 Skater

Name: Freddie HerFury

Pronouns: they/them

Number: 70

Why you chose your number: 1970 was the year the band Queen was formed

When you started derbying: March 2015

When you joined RCR: October 2017

When you were drafted as an icy viking warrior goddess: December 2018

Other teams you’ve played for: Sacred City Derby Girls, Misery Loves Company, Silicon Valley Derby Girls

Track position(s): Blocker/pivot

Derby wives: Stan the Woman and Lil Red RideHer are my sister wives

Real life job: Veterinary assistant

Other sports: mountain biking, kickboxing

Other hobbies: my life is pretty much cats and derby

Fun fact: my favorite word is callipygous (look it up) (you’re welcome)