#160 Coach

Years playing derby: I started skating July 2012.

Years with RCR/Betties: I joined Rose City October of 2015 and came home to the Betties in December 2015.

Awards/Accomplishments: Winning 2018 Championships with my Betties is my proudest accomplishment! Taking bronze with AoA at 2018 B-team champs. Voted “Best Skate Face” by the Betties in 2016, “Best Team Hair” in 2017, “Most Inspirational” in 2018, 3 inner team game MVPs. 3 MVPs when I skated with Green Mountain Roller Derby. MVP as a guest skater with Guns N Rollers. 2 MVPs while skating with the Betties.

Real life job: Hating Capitalism. Being Gay. Doing Crime.

Other hobbies: It must be nice to have time for other hobbies! Find me with my doggo, at the gym, eating, sleeping, or at wreckers scrimmage.

Fun Fact: Despite their large size and rolly-polly looks, they are fast and furious… The truth is, hippos are extraordinarily aggressive.