#21 Skater

Name: Stan

Nicknames: Stan, Stanley, Stasi, Hoe

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Number: 12

Why you chose your number: Originally my number was 21, I had been skating under that number for 7 years. But someone on my team already had 21 so I made a little switchery-do and now I am 12. New league new me!

When you started derby: I’m coming up on my 8th year currently. I started playing derby when I was 13 for the Des Moines Derby Brats.

When you joined RCR: September 2018When you were drafted as an icy Viking warrior goddess: It was in the December 2018 draft, I was overjoyed and proceeded to make many social media posts while I drank a lot of wine.

Other teams you’ve played for: Des Moines Derby Brats (JRDA), Team USA West (JRDA), AAU Olympic team (JRDA), and Team United Roller Derby.

Track positions: Blocker and that Pivot life.

Other RCR roles: Designated Hype Gurl.

Derby awards: 2x JRDA Open Division Champion, Gold medal for Team USA, Silver for AAU Olympics, Bronze at NE WFTDA Continental Cup, Team United’s 2017 Best Ass Award (most proud).

Favorite recent derby memory: Moving to Portland to play for the Rose City Rollers? That’s a pretty great memory.

Derby wife: Wives: Freddie Her-Fury and Lil Red Ride-Her.

Real life job: Full Time Student drowning in debt, Part Time emotional wreck.

Other sports: People play other sports besides roller derby!? Wild…

Other hobbies: Park Skating, Working out, Eating, Artistic Skating, Watching Movies, Dancing (for fun), and always consuming Coffee.

Fun fact: I stalked down Eric Andre after one of his shows and made him take a picture with me before he escaped in his Uber. A kid also chugged an entire bottle of ranch during the show because Eric Andre told him to. It was painfully beautiful… I was not that kid

Stan the Woman

#21 Skater