Common Tax Questions and Advice from RCR Wrecker for Life Kernel

Photo By Upswept Creative

Topics to include:

*How are tax returns part of the homebuying process?
*How will all the different income things related to *all this* be taxed on the 2020 tax return (stimulus, unemployment, side gigs, deferred mortgage, deferred student loans, small business loans)?
*How do I get taxed if I rent out a room in a house I own?
*I bought a house! Now how do I do my taxes???
*What does it mean to itemize?
*Should I be saving receipts for charitable deductions?
*Should I be an LLC if I am in business?

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Kernel is also bringing along Jennifer Leon with Umpqua Bank.

Jennifer is an expert on how to buy a home when you are self-employed and will offer tips on how a person’s tax return should look to maximize income.

May 27, 2020

6:00 pm—7:00 pm