Workout Webinar w/ Scratcher in the Eye! (6/18)

Join Rose City Rollers skater, personal trainer and owner of Sportland Acupuncture, Scratcher in the Eye for some sweaty, at-home fun!
We’ll be focusing on body weight work outs to build strength and conditioning. No equipment needed, but if you have a mat and a light set of weights (or 2 one-gallon jugs) feel free to use those! If you have skates, plan to have those on hand as well.
Each class will have a focus for the day so we can get down and dirty into a muscle group. Many of the exercises will have a roller skating focus, and Scratcher will provide modifications if needed.
Sign in to the Zoom link below on Thursday May 28th at 6pm to join – hope to see you there!

June 18, 2020

6:00 pm—7:00 pm

Zoom link in description!