20 Years Together

Community Outreach

Rose City Rollers in the Community

Rose City Rollers’ Skatemobile is the mobile roller skate party on wheels, equipped with over 150 pairs of roller skates, helmets, and protective gear. With sizes ranging from a children’s size 8 to a men’s 15, we can turn any flat surface into a skating rink. Our mission goes beyond just skating – we aim to create an inclusive and transformative sports community, both locally and globally.

Through partnerships with local community programs, we bring free skating opportunities to kids throughout Portland. You can find us at Portland Parks & Recreation’s Lunch & Play events, Sunday Parkways, Brown Girl Rise, TeenForce, Discover Champions, SheFlies and more. By increasing accessibility to roller skating, we’re fostering healthful, community-building, family-friendly fun for all. Come join us and experience the joy of skating with the Skatemobile!

Where to find Skatemobile this Summer ☀️👇