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Derby Business: Building Sponsorships + Partnerships for Your League w/ Rocket Mean!

If you’ve been in the Hangar or watched our live streams, you’ve probably noticed the dozens of banners repping local businesses and organizations on our walls.

These represent some of our amazing sponsors and partners! Many of our sponsors support RCR through monetary contributions or in-kind donations (i.e. products, services, discounts to members). No matter your location or the size of your league, there are dozens of benefits to having a solid sponsorship plan in place – for now or down the road.

In this webinar Rocket Mean, RCR Executive Director and Founding Member, talks about why these folks are super important to our league, and how to find, approach and negotiate with sponsors to build a beautiful relationship with your league.

Check out the recording of our webinar below, or scroll through the deck to review what we covered.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out at info@rosecityrollers.com – we’re happy to help!