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Derby Resources: RCR @ Roller Con Edition!

RCR has been around for a minute, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. The last few years have been super challenging for a lot of leagues, with many bouncing back from hard times, venue losses and general attrition.

We’re here to help how we can – share a bit about what’s worked for us and hopefully give your league some resources that will support getting rolling again.

Check out these presentations some of the RCR staff did at Roller Con this year (and stay tuned – we’ve got a whole lot more info we’re stoked to share!).

Grants, Donations and Sponsorships

There’s money out there to make running your league easier! Let’s talk about traditional nonprofit wats of bringing was into the non-traditional derby environment. Dive into finding and writing grants, getting and retaining donors, and selling sponsorships.

This seminar includes insight on using donor management software like Little Green Light to keep all donors and funders organized. Reduce your burden on ticket sales, keep membership dues affordable, and have enough money to hire a staff member to help keep things on track!

Find It + Manage It

Let’s talk all things derby venues! Many leagues are struggling with finding and keeping a venue. In this presentation, we dive into strategies for finding a venue, negotiating with a landlord, and best utilizing your space. We’ll talk about maximizing income per square foot, managing the shared resources of a venue and clever ideas for finding venues in your area.

Find, Recruit, Retain

In this presentation we’ll cover creative ways to promote skating and volunteer opportunities online, in-arena and at events. We’ll talk about bringing in volunteers and skaters and getting them where they need/want to go. We’ll touch on the tech that supports your members and volunteers: video training lets folks know what’s expected and what specific volunteer roles entail, surveying provides an ongoing feedback loop. Let’s build your membership and volunteer pool!