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Gold Star Volunteer November 2018: Bill Zingraf (Regularman)

You’ve probably seen Bill Zingraf (aka Regularman) around, but you might not even recognize him without a camera attached to his eye. He’s been a staple to the Rose City bout scene for a little over 6 years – Wanting to try something different from his norm, he found RCR and its community. Bill found that photographing roller derby brought him a new challenge and made him a better photographer, not only because of the intensity and pace, but because of the friends he made who helped him hone his craft. For Bill, winning the Gold Star Volunteer Award is a moment to share with his fellow photographers in the league, who he believes all are worthy of this award. Here at Rose City Rollers, we believe Regularman is a perfect example of what it means to be a part of this community. Thank you for your time with us, the face of RCR and our community is better for your presence.

Do you think you will ever stop being a part of RCR?
I never want to say “never”, but I’m certainly having a lot of fun shooting for the league and hope it continues for a long time. It’s very rewarding!

Any suggestions for new volunteers or those considering volunteering with RCR?
Do it!! Its lots of fun and you’ll be helping an organization focused on strengthening people and helping them realize their self-worth, while providing a welcoming, inclusive experience.

Final thoughts?
Thanks for the honor of being selected as this month’s volunteer!!