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Gold Star Volunteer October 2019: Knitsugi

Knitsugi aka Knitty has been here for the league doing what she does best, reffing and repping. Knitty has worn many hats other than just refereeing but has stayed in the wheelhouse, bringing fun, order to chaos, and generally keeping the sport elevated to meet higher standards. She definitely embodies the league’s mission of “keep making it better.” Thank you Knitty for helping to build a better, safer roller derby experience for us all.

Do you remember your first Rose City Rollers bout? Where and when? 6 years ago, WOJ v Team Australia. It was a total blowout, but I was fascinated. I had never put roller skates on in my life, or know anything about derby. My daughters had just learned to skate, so we went to check it out. Changed the course of my life forever.

Did you ever want to be a skater? No, I joined Wreckers to improve my skating skills to become a ref, but I never liked hitting people or competing against other folks that way. I always loved the rules and the challenge of officiating.

Do you have a favorite team/favorite skater/official/volunteer? As an official, I don’t have favorite skaters or teams. I see my job as giving every skater or team the highest level of officiating possible and help facilitate their games for them, and in that way value them all equally. Other folks, though? I am VERY partial to Kathryn Howard, our Events Boss. She’s so freaking good at her job and an endless support to the officials. Also Bling, who has done more to train & support, and encourage me in officiating at home – and in the wider sport – than just about anyone.

How does it feel to be acknowledged for your volunteering efforts? I appreciate it a lot, although I don’t like being fussed over. I appreciate how much our league supports and values the hard work officials do.

Any suggestions for new volunteers or those considering volunteering with RCR? Officiating is a valid and rewarding path in this sport. You can find a rigorous challenge for your mind and body in officiating, as well as so many meaning professional relationships and friendships. Shoot me an email at officials@rosecityrollers.com and we can talk about all the ways to plug into the officials community.