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Gold Star Volunteer September 2019: Julianne Joy Stevens

Rose City Rollers is proud to award September’s Gold Star Award to dedicated volunteer Julianne Joy Stevens! We asked her a few questions about her involvement with RCR:

Did you ever want to be a skater? I love roller skating- have since I’m a kid, but not interested in playing derby. I live vicariously by watching!  I do love jam skating on Tuesday nights at Oaks.

Why have you stayed involved with RCR? I’ve stayed involved w RCR because it is a family affair. My partner and 2 kids play and coach. I’ve volunteered in many capacities, but I most love helping skaters with their gear- I love cleaning bearings, loosening trucks and lowering toes stops!

Do you have a favorite team/favorite skater/official/volunteer? My favorite teams are The Heartless Heathers, The Undead Avengers, and The Daughters of Doom.  I love my RCR family!


Thanks for all you do, Julianne!