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Help Save AVD XV!

Ever experienced the delightful, consensual debauchery that is Heartless Heathers Anti Valentines Day party?  Whether you have or not, next year is going to be one for the books as the event turns 15.
The Heathers need YOUR help to make it happen. After searching high and low, the event is still without a venue. Do you have connections with an empty Warehouse or other large venue? The ideal space will have capacity for 200+, central location (or accessible by transit), space for dancing to 🔥 hot jams 🔥. Bonus points for allowing the Heather’s to run the bar, or if they’re open to a partnership opportunity. Help them help you get down with your bad self and celebrate the day they love to hate on February 15th 2020.
Have a lead? Email shredhercheese@rosecityrollers.com or message Heartless Heathers on Instagram.
Never been to AVD? Check out a few highlights from years past: