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Rosebuds All-Star Skaters make it to Team USA!

Our Rosebuds All Stars made history last year when they won their first National Championship. Now 6 of these skaters are training to head to France this July to compete at the World Cup! Making the JRDA World Cup is easily considered a pinnacle in this sport and these amazing athletes have proven that they’re some of the top skaters in the entire nation!

Tryouts for Team USA took place last August & were held all over the US in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa and right here in Portland. The tryout sessions included drills and a scrimmage as part of the selection process. Team USA at the World Cup includes two divisions – Open Division & Female Division. There are 20 players on each team, which means only 40 total were chosen from the entire nation! The six Rosebuds skaters who have been selected to represent the United States will be competing on the Female Division team.

The competition is scheduled for late July and will be held in Valence, in southeastern France about 350 miles from Paris. Team USA will skate against competitors from Canada, Denmark, Australia, Britain and more!


#2 – Áine Mom

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#10 – SmashTag

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#8 – Elsie U. Later

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(video credit: Nick Krupke (KPTV)  Published: 1/15/23 at 10:55 PM PST. Article HERE)

(video credit: Beaverton School District, Published: 1/6/23. Video HERE)


To keep up-to-date on the latest news about the World Cup, follow along on the JRDA facebook page here. 

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