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Lifer Award Winners 2018: Effy & Minstrel Psycho

Rose City Rollers is excited to be able to award two amazing volunteers with the Lifer Award again this year. Congratulations to Effy and Minstrel Psycho for dedicating so much time, love and energy to this league. We would not be who we are today without you!

Name: Effy
Years in roller derby: 8
Roles in the league: A little bit of everything… most recently WoJ team manager and NSO!
What brought you to Rose City Rollers? I had just turned 19 and was looking for a community to call my own
What does volunteering with RCR mean to you? I like that it feels like I’m part of something kind of secret but that also has a big impact within the derby community in general. It’s really amazing to see how derby had changed so many peoples lives.


Name: Minstrel Psycho/Cindy Young
Years in roller derby: 10 yrs
Roles in the league: Banner girl, Ex-Travel Team skater, Current Home team skater, Training Committee, Co-Chair Accountability Committee, Rose Bud coach, Voice of reason and of course Grandmotherly duties.
What brought you to Rose City Rollers? My love for Roller Derby! Hitting and getting hit! Nothing better!
What does volunteering with RCR mean to you? It’s so important to me. To lift, empower and support women and young girls to thrive in all they do. To watch the growth of a new skater is so exciting! These women and young girls inspire me everyday.