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Our Statement Against Violence toward the AAPI Community

Image Credit: Stop AAPI Hate

RCR stands in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander community. America, and the Pacific NW in particular, has had a long history of racism and violence against Asians, but right now racially motivated violent and hateful acts against the AAPI community in Portland and across the county are on the rise.

We believe our anti-racist and anti-bias work needs to be intersectional and intentional—acknowledging that bigotry, fundamental inequities, and structural racism contribute to the oppression of all communities of color and other marginalized groups. We are committed to examining bias within our organization and finding ways of supporting our Asian community members and neighbors within our DEI efforts.

We hope you will join us in taking a moment to educate yourselves about how the AAPI community has been affected by COVID, including attacks in the Jade District, and commit to disrupting bias and racism wherever you see it.

You can learn more at StopAAPIHate.org, sign this petition asking mainstream media to cover this issue more broadly, and learn how to disrupt racism in real-time by learning bystander intervention at ihollaback.org.