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RFP – Video Production Services

Rose City Rollers
7805 Oaks Park Way, Portland Oregon 97202 

Request for Proposal – Video Production Services
Updated: 9/29/2019 

Contact: Meg Patterson, Marketing Manager


Rose City Rollers is 501(c)3 charitable organization that serves nearly 600 of Portland’s women and girls and non-binary community who want to play the team sport of roller derby. Our mission is to provide an environment where they can connect with an inclusive community, and realize their power both on skates and off.

Established in 2004, RCR has been a staple of the PDX community since it’s inception. Our organization is comprised of 17 teams and programs, including our Juniors program for youth aged 7-17, an adult recreational program, four home teams, and our All Star team, the Wheels of Justice (reigning, and three-time world champions). 

RCR seeks proposals to produce, edit and style 2-3 :15-:30 videos based around our search for a new venue. You can read more about our dream venue hereAdditional information and articles about our venue hunt can be found in our Press Kit, and FAQ Page. 

Our current primary audience demographic includes: Women (67%), Men (29%), N(3%), with a median age of 40 and median income of $75k-$150k. One objective of this project is to expand our audience, particularly to reach philanthropists, donors, and building owners who are pivotal to our venue hunt.
Based on the execution and success of this project, we may seek to contract you for further projects, such as: 

  • Recruitment videos for our Junior and Adult Orientations
  • Evergreen content focused around our mission, vision and values
  • Sponsorship reel 
  • League member vignettes for specific programs or development initiatives 
  • Generic promotion for upcoming local games 

Timetable and Expectations 
Proposals will be accepted until 10/6, with projected project start mid-to-late  October. RCR reserves the right to two rounds of editing requests throughout project.

RCR will work with the contractor to create an outline and storyboard for this project. When needed RCR will facilitate coordination with league members and scheduling shooting times at our venue. The contractor will be responsible for providinall of their own equipment. Services sought include: capturing and editing video, sourcing music, ability to create additional assets (such as title and end cards, graphic overlays, etc). Contractor will work closely with RCR Marketing Manager, to create a clear plan of actiondefine metrics of success and ensure the final project aligns with our brand and voice. 

RCR will accept bids for this project. Because we are a nonprofit organization, proposals should utilize creative, cost-effective solutions. 


  • Provide a brief bio of yourself, or overview of your company or business. 
  • Provide samples of work relevant to this project, promo reel (if available), and references from previous clients. 
  • List the capabilities you or your company will bring to bear on this project.  
  • Discuss you or your company’s experience with projects like this. 
  • Describe how you would collaborate on the development of a strategy for this project.  
  • What strategic elements would you typically include, in a project of this nature and scope? 
  • How will you manage this project, to ensure that all activities are completed on time, on budget, and at defined quality levels? 
  • Please, indicate which parts of the campaign, if any, you will be subcontracting to other companies. 
  • What’s the best way to measure return on investment? Where are our greatest successes likely to be found? 

Meg Patterson
Marketing Manager