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Rose City Rollers Need a New Venue

“Derby has given me the confidence to know that I can do anything if I am willing to work hard at it and not be afraid of failure or struggle. It has given me a physical outlet I didn’t know I needed and more community than I ever would have thought possible.” — Fleur de Lethal, Break Neck Betties & Wreckers

Rose City Rollers is the largest roller derby league in the world, and we need your help to keep rolling! RCR is a 501c3 non-profit seeking to empower women & girls through the sport of roller derby, and we are in urgent need of a new venue. The facility will be used for training RCR’s 17 teams, hosting live events with 750 – 1000 spectators and various league & community meetings.

  • 25,000-30,000 square feet, to hold two 110’x90′ tracks
  • Access to transit and bikeable
  • Bathrooms/running water
  • Parking for 200+ cars
  • Preferred location in SE, N, NW, NE Portland, but Milwaukie & East Portland could work
  • Accommodates 750-1000 person event seating

Know of a space that could be our next home? Click here to submit a venue lead.

“We as a young family stumbled upon derby after going to oaks park a couple of times. Since then we have incorporated not only the sport and it’s values, but the wonderful community surrounding derby into our life. We have become a closer family that values staying active and having fun.” – Sean Scotland, Rose Petal Parent

“It’s cliché, but roller derby probably saved my life. After having childhood cancer, my body felt like a battleground. Roller derby helped me learn to love my body and the awesome, powerful things I can do.” – Ruth Robertson, High Rollers

“I have seen my daughter’s confidence, body positivity, strength, and happiness blossom during her time with RCR. I’ve never seen her work harder, commit more fully, or glow with excitement like she does with derby.” – Shanna Schlitz, Rose Petal Parent

“It has provided a type of community that I’ve never experienced before. I feel empowered as a queer woman by my league mates to become stronger, be more outgoing and confident, be my best self, and build up and support others in the community.”  – Katie Quick, Guns N Rollers