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Rose City Rollers: Phased Reopening Plan v2.0

UPDATE: our Phased Reopening Plan has been updated as of April 2021 to fit current guidelines.

We first published our Phased Reopening Plan in June of 2020. While we’re still very much looking forward to returning to the derby we know and love, it’s no secret that the things have changed in that time.

In light of that, we’ve revamped this plan and wanted to share it, in the hopes that it can be a resource for other leagues—or just fill you in if you’re curious about what RCR is up to.

The health and safety of of our members, volunteers, staff, fans and community is top of mind for us as we navigate the world we currently live in.

Please Note:  All of RCR’s reopening protocols outlined in this presentation are subject to change, based on developments from our county, Oregon Health Authority and the WFTDA. We will be following the guidance, recommendations and regulations of these governing bodies as things develop, and will update this deck if any part of our plan changes.