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Step Up to the Mic: Be a Roller Derby Announcer!


The Rose City Rollers are seeking enthusiastic announcers for the 50+ Roller Derby games we host each year. 

We have a team of three announcers for each game, fulfilling different roles. 

  • The MC (Master of Ceremonies) is responsible for calling the game and requires a solid understanding of roller derby, the Rose City Rollers, the rules, and our Skaters. They will provide clear, concise, and accurate commentary throughout the games. 
  • The 2nd Chair announcer helps keep the conversation flowing, engages in banter to assist the MC in maintaining an energetic atmosphere, and fills any empty spaces in the commentary. This position requires quick thinking, improvisation skills, and the ability to think on their feet. 
  • The 3rd Chair announcer is our Ad reader and responsible for giving shout-outs to our sponsors during the game and on the live stream. No prior roller derby knowledge is necessary for this role, as the emphasis is on strong communication skills and enthusiasm. 


We are looking for people with: 

  • Strong communication skills: Engaging the audience, facilitating smooth conversation, and assisting the MC in delivering clear commentary are essential. 
  • Willingness to learn about Roller Derby: While no prior knowledge is required for the 3rd Chair position, aspiring 2nd Chair and MC candidates will receive support in familiarizing themselves with the sport, its rules, and our skaters. 
  • Quick thinking and improvisation: Roller Derby is fast-paced, and announcers should be able to think on their feet, providing timely and insightful commentary. 
  • Enthusiasm and energy: As the voice of the games, your enthusiasm will help create an exciting atmosphere for both the live audience and those watching the live stream. 
  • Collaboration skills: Working as part of a team requires effective collaboration, supporting the MC, engaging in banter, and collectively ensuring an engaging and entertaining experience for the viewers. 


If you are interested in being an Announcer or would like more information, email volunteer@rosecityrollers.com